SC Feeds offer a wide range of Technical Services to help livestock farmers.

We provide a fully researched and accredited Rationing Programme and unique laboratory service, to help develop and sustain the correct diet for individual herds. SC Feeds sales specialists work alongside livestock farmers and our in-house nutritionists to develop tailored diets using our quality feed range of compounds and bespoke blends. Our aim is to maximise herd health and efficiency.

  • Dairy Costings
  • Ration Planning
  • Diet Sieving
  • Dung Sieving
  • Forage Analysis
  • Clamp Capacities
  • Body Condition Score Monitor
  • Rumen Health Check
  • Fertility Check
  • Udder Health Check
  • Dry Cow Check
  • Mineral Analysis
  • Interherd Report using NMR and
  • CIS Data
  • Heifer Rearing Calculator
  • Youngstock Growth Monitor
  • Soil Analysis
  • Water Testing

Contact your local SC Feeds Sales Specialist for further information.