Ration Management: The Importance of Molasses

April 24, 2020

For many years, SC Feeds has been supplying UK farmers with high-quality molasses blends.

Feeding a molasses blend is an incredibly easy way to supply a good-source of fermentable energy, essential in any well-balanced diet. Not only does it help maximise herd health, performance & fertility, it also fuels the rumen microbes to stimulate dry matter intake.

So you think you know about molasses?


Molasses is one of the best and most readily consumed sources of fermentable energy. It’s healthy, wholesome & stimulates rumen activity, along with enhancing fibre digestion.

Molasses are renowned for its palatability and livestock love it – Transforming the diet allows for an increased forage intake! From balancing the diet to include a source of sugar improves digestion efficient so your animals can consume more. This results in a higher dry matter intake (DMI) and in turn a higher production output. As molasses is a liquid, there is a lower substitution effect compared to dry feed, as well as the palatability of molasses improving ration appeal.

Extracted during sugar production, molasses is one of the most economical sources of energy available, making it a valuable ingredient in beef, dairy and sheep rations.

Using modern blending technologies, SC Feeds has a wide range of products, combining standard cane molasses with other liquid co-products. The result? The ideal combination of energy, protein, viscosity and price to suit all.

Improving ration management by adding a molasses blend

The formulation of a balanced TMR can all in vain if cows then fish through the rations for the tastier concentrates, leaving the more fibrous rations such as silage and straw.

Adding a molasses blend to your TMR has been shown to greatly reduce cattle sorting, allowing for the concentrate to stick to the forage, preventing sorting.

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