We know the importance of Hydration and Gut Health. Redefining hydration and gut health to keep your herd drinking, eating and producing.

SC Feeds supply a range of associated products designed to meet the needs of the calf and dairy cow which supports hydration and gut health. These products are formulated by TechMix. TechMix is an innovative,family-owned company, grown from its small-town Minnesota roots to compete in the global marketplace. The business is now a global supplier and industry acknowledged leader in hydration & stress event solutions for production animals.

The TechMix range features four products:


Fresh Cow YMCP

A fresh cow supplement featuring yeast, magnesium, calcium, potassium and niacin for the transition into lactation. 20 x 500g sachets in a 10kg bucket.

Rumen Yeast Caps

A source of yeast and vitamins for dairy and beef cattle. 25 boluses per pot.


Calf Renova

A source of yeast products and essential oils to support digestive health. 12 boluses per pot, 2 pots
per pack.

Bluelite Replenish

A scientifically formulated electrolyte to provide hydration for pre-weaned calves. 2 x 1.1 litre bottles per box.