SC Feeds has a range of rumen paks to support rumen function and performance through the year.


A cost-effective way of optimising rumen pH. Contains Yea-Sacc and a blend of buffering agents including Acid Buf. Combining a specially formulated range of buffers with improved fibre digestion from Yea-Sacc to produce the optimal rumen environment.

This product is a solution to combat SARA in your cows

SARA – Sub-acute Rumen Acidosis signs include:

  • Poor Performance
  • Fluctuating Milk yield

This can be triggered by:

  • Wet Maize Silage
  • Acidic grass silage
  • High levels of cereal

Stable Rumen Pak™ should be fed at 75g/cow/day either free access or in-feed. This feed range equates to 50g of Yea-Sacc and 125g of Acid Buff.


Dairy cows often underperform for no apparent reason, with depressed feed intakes and yields. In most cases, the problem is poor rumen health. As the rumen produces around 70% of the energy and protein used by the cow, anything that disrupts the rumen disrupts the cow.

Healthy Rumen Pak™ contains Yea-Sacc and Mycosorb, formulated to help ensure the conditions in the rumen are maintained at a level to promote high intakes, efficient digestion and increased yields.


  • Scavenges oxygen from the rumen, removing the ‘barrier’ to efficient fibre digestion
  • Promotes beneficial bacteria in the rumen, increases fibre breakdown by up to 20% and helps reduce the incidence of sub acute ruminal acidosis (SARA)
  • Maintains a more stable rumen pH
  • Increases dry matter intake by up to 1.4kg
  • Increases milk yield by up to 1.4kg


  • Broad-spectrum action against a wide range of mycotoxins
  • Stops mycotoxins attacking the rumen and the cow
  • Cost effective formulation helps protect the immune system of your cattle
  • Improves dung consistency

Healthy Rumen Pak™ can also deliver benefits when fed to cattle and calves. In cattle, it will help increase liveweight gain by over 10%, improving carcass composition and reduce the risk of bloat. Calves will see an improvement in dry matter intake and liveweight gains by 8%.


The ultimate buffer is a blend of buffering salts including Acid Buf, Calcifies Seaweed and an essential oil. Ultra Buf is the perfect solution for situations when forage is variable and wet, during diet changes and if cows are experiencing SARA or clinical acidosis. It is also suited to high concentrate or starch heavy rations or high degradable protein rations. The recommended feed rate is 50g/head/day.

The Acid Buf conditions the rumen and allows it to work more efficiently, with its unique honeycombed structure and large surface area, Acid Buf breaks down slowly in the rumen –neutralising significantly more acid, over a longer period, than many conventional buffers.

Better neutralising of rumen acid ensuring a stable optimal rumen pH
Improves fibre digestion
Boosts milk yield and quality

The unique blend of natural plant extracts, essential oils and spices increases the amount of bypass protein reaching the small intestine whilst improving nitrogen efficiency in the rumen, shown by a decrease in ammonia release. These factors can lead to lower milk ureas and increased feed efficiency.

Improves rumen pH
Increases milk yield and improved milk quality
Increases fibre digestion
Increases feed efficiency


Contains Yea-Sacc to help promote optimal ruminal function and Fibrase to help maximise rumen fermentation. To be used with mature high lignified forages. In combination, they both help to improve feed efficiency and performance.


An enhanced version of Healthy Rumen Pak that contains Yea-Sacc and a higher rate of Mycosorb. SC Feeds offer a diet check service and feeding recommendations to help your herd. If you would like further information, prices and a free PH testing kit contact our local Sales Specialist.


Magnesium supplementation is an important supplement to help prevent metabolic issues. Supplementing with magnesium will reduce the risk of milk fever and grass staggers.

The addition of magnesium within livestock feeds increases rumen pH and can help increase milk yield and butterfats. Absorption for ruminants is improved with more readily degradable carbohydrates. Rumen pH is important in its influence of solubility, high pH reduces magnesium solubility.

Our range includes:-

  • Magnesium Flakes
  • Calcined Magnesite
  • High Mag Minerals

Consider minerals to increase magnesium levels available as powdered or buckets


An essential element of the ruminants diet should be salt, restriction over a period of time can result in poor feed conversation, lower weight gain and damage to the central nervous system.

Salt promotes the production of saliva to ensure optimum function of the digestive system. If livestock are attempting to drink urine from other animals or chewing wood they are likely to be deficient in salt.

Our range includes:-

  • Lump Rock Salt
  • Ground Rock Salt
  • PDV Salt

Techni Pak’s

The NWF Techni Pak range is designed to be an easy effective way of feeding your herds mineral and supplement requirements all out of one bag.

  • Techni Pak Beef Conc
  • Techni Pak Dairy Hi Spec
  • Techni Pak Dairy Pak

Hydrated Lime

Biolime helps control bacteria and mastitis to protect your milk yield and the investment you’ve made in land, feed and the herd. Simple to handle and easy to apply, this specially blended hydrated lime is quick to take effect and produce results

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate is, by far, the most widely used and cost-effective rumen buffer.

Sodium Sesquicarbonate

Sodium Sesquicarbonate contains a blend of Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Carbonate and is a source of sodium for cows and sheep.

Limestone Flour

Limestone Flour is used as a supplementary source of calcium. Limestone Flour is a fine white powder, nominally less than 300 microns. The material has been crushed, milled, dried and screened, then milled and classified again to produce a product of exceptional quality.

Feed Grade Urea

Urea is an economic non-protein nitrogen (NPN) source for boosting protein levels in ruminant rations. It is also a highly effective preservative for cereals.

Opti Rumen Pak

Opti Rumen is a unique blend of plant extracts, essential oils and spices, which positively alters the rumen microbes to ensure optimal fermentation for more efficient production.