Protected Feeds

SC Feeds produce a range of ‘Protected feeds’ designed to deliver performance and value.

Diets for high yielding dairy cows need to supply sufficient nutrients while maintaining a high standard of rumen health. Failure to supply these nutrients or in a way that upsets the rumen health will lead to reduced yields and less profitable cows.

Ultra Pro-R™
A treated high-quality rape protein. A 34% crude protein product but with 75% available as DUP.

As a result of the precise treatment of the Rolled Wheat, Rape meal & extracted Soya bean meal, used in the three products, the finished feeds have a much higher specification which increases their value in ruminant diets and allows us to optimise your formulation.

All products are available in bulk and tote bags for collection next day and we can deliver anywhere in the UK from our production sites.

Ultra Starch-W™
This uses wheat as a starch source. But when treated the starch becomes rumen friendly, as a high level is converted to bypass, giving it a similar value to maize-based products but at a lower cost. The Glucogenic nutrients are increased from 230 in wheat to 255 which can be compared to Ground Maize at 268.

The benefits are:
•Increased starch levels without upsetting the rumen
•Increased supply of glucose to the udder
•Higher milk yields
•Guaranteed supply
•Available in NWF blends and compounds or from our trading desk.

Ruminant diets require a balance of protein sources to maximise performance and feed efficiency. Highly productive ruminants need an adequate supply of Digestible Undegradable Protein (DUP) to complement microbial protein and boost protein supply.

SC Feeds Ultra Protected Proteins are produced by taking high-quality vegetable protein sources widely used in ruminant diets and treating them to reduce degradability of proteins in the rumen. Protection can double the proportion of DUP.

Ultra Soy™
Ultra Soy™ is a protected protein produced by taking high-quality vegetable protein sources widely used in ruminant diets and treating them to reduce the degradability of proteins in the rumen.

The protection of the protein increases the feed value of the raw material and can double the proportion of MPB. The proven approach increases MPB supply without reducing the quality of amino acids supplied.

Ultra Soy™ provides a cost effective raw material that won’t jeopardise performance.
High-quality soya protein 46% soya protein of which 83% available as MPB delivering optimum performance

SC Feeds can supply Ultra Soy™ within the standard and bespoke blends and compounds, or as a straight for home mixing.


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