Dairy Feeds

Formulations to suit all dairy systems and nutritional requirements including diets for robots.

Fusion Eco

A wheat top diet with good energy levels containing a proportion of by-pass protein and a range of glucogenic precursors.

Fusion HDF

Sugarbeet top diet with high levels of digestible fibre. Contains protected fat, a range of by-pass protein sources and Yea-sacc to help promote rumen health and function.

Fusion High Energy

A high energy, high starch diet. Containing a large proportion of glucogenic precursors from a range of energy sources in order to drive milk protein and meet the nutritional demands of high yielding cows.

Fusion Pro

An optimum energy level diet containing protected fat, high in glucogenic precursors from a range of energy sources. Suitable for high yielding cows where the emphasis is on maximising yield, quality, fertility and health.

We also offer a comprehensive range of blends, straights, molasses, protected fats and proteins for your herd.  DOWNLOAD the SC Feeds Leaflet.

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