Dairy Blends

Dairy Blends

The use of blends in ruminant systems can offer significant benefits to farmers looking to feed their livestock a nutritionally balanced, cost-effective diet, while reducing the overall costs of feeding their stock. We can formulate specific blends making use of a wide variety of top quality raw materials, sourced from around the world which are then accurately blended together in our fully UFAS approved facilities.

  • Only one feed to store
  • Only one product to mix in the diet
  • Better consistency of feeding
  • Reduced cost of putting feed in front of stock
  • Time and labour saving
  • Accurate inclusion of minerals etc, in the blend

Blends offer the flexibility of straights yet have the requirement of only one storage bin. NWFs bespoke formulations mean our feed specialist can provide a tailor made feed plan, unique to each of our customers.

Blends can be manipulated to carry a range of feed supplements including:

  • High specification minerals
  • Buffers, yeast and mycotoxin binders
  • Protected proteins such as Ultra Pro R or Ultra Soy, or Optigen
  • Bypass starch such as Ultra Starch W
  • HF Booster Pack (Vitamin A, D3 & E, Chelated Zinc & Selenium, and Biotin)


Amino-Mixes are a range of blends that have been designed with carefully balanced protein levels to aid rumen function and maximise forage utilisation.

These blends have been designed specially to be used in situations where protein levels needs to be maintained. The amino-mix range can be used to compliment maize and whole-crop diets or where the farmer is feeding his own cereals.

The Ultra Pro-R (protected rapeseed inclusion) provides a source of high quality by-pass protein increasing the amount of Aminogenic nutrients available to the cow and promoting maximum milk production.


Equa-mixes are a range of blends that have been carefully formulated to provide balanced energy and protein levels in order to aid rumen function and maximise forage utilisation.

The Equa-mix range is designed to be used in situations where energy and protein levels need to be maintained. The range is particularly well suited to compliment grass silage based diets. The blends also promote an optimal environment for rumen bugs resulting in healthy cows and maximum milk yield.

Equa-mix provides nutritionally sound rations for the farmer in a commercial environment


Gluco-mixes are a range of high energy blends designed specially to help close the energy gap in early lactation and maintain performance in high yielding herds.

Containing high levels of starch they complement grass silage diets. The wide range of energy sources ensures an even release of energy, promoting efficiency forage utilization.

Gluco mixes are formulated to promote high insulin production helping aid fertility and increase bulling activity. The Ultra Starch-W (protected starch inclusion) increases the amount of Glucogenic nutrients for optimal rumen function and maximising milk yield without compromising rumen health.


Keto-Mixes are formulated with carefully selected raw materials designed to promote rumen health and improve fibre digestion. The keto-Mix range is specially designed to be used in situations where butterfats need to be improved or maintained.

Containing a large proportion of highly digestible fibre the keto-mixes ensure the efficient utilisation of grass and can be used to balance high starch feeds or acidic forage.

Keto mixes promote an ideal environment for rumen bugs resulting in healthy cows and maximum milk production.


SC Feeds has a range of standard blends suitable for the dry cow period. You can also formulate your own bespoke blends to meet your specific requirements.


Our blend plants located at Longtown in Cumbria, Brayton in Cumbria, Bilsborrow in Lancashire, Wardle in Cheshire and Wixland in Devon are strategically located nationwide to reduce haulage costs onto farm. Along with our considerable buying power this means the cost savings we achieve can be be passed onto our customers, ensuring our prices remain competitive.

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